Content Writing

Content is indeed the king of the digital marketing era!

The days of ‘hard selling’ are over in the dynamic world of marketing. Today, prospects prefer information over sales pitches. They do their own research to draw their own conclusions. Be it a car, an electronic appliance or a pack of tea bags, people are several times more likely to research online before making a purchasing decision.

Thus, be it a B2B or a B2C business, one fact stands good – people want informative content. If you see from the search engine optimization perspective (which by the way, happens to be the most strong element of digital marketing), the best time to find a customer is right when she searches for a product similar to yours online. How do you do that?

Points that you need to focus on

You may follow SEO techniques already. But search engines like Google have their way of finding out who is here to offer value to its users and who is just trying to make sales. This is why, when you keep updating the content in your website, you can maintain your rank in search engine results. As a result, more & more people keep landing on your website.

You may use all the relevant keywords, but it is good to know that over stuffing of keywords are considered spammy. Once again, good content that naturally says something without making sales its only objective plays a key role in improving search engine ranking.

Original and high quality content on offer

Our creative team at iDesignoo starts with finding out what are the goals that you are pursuing and the type of audience you have.

We develop the content in a manner that best conveys the message that you want to send across. We also take care that the tone of the content throughout is consistent with the image of your organization. And of course, we offer original, engaging content that is optimized both for your audience as well as for your search engine.

Talk to our team today to find out how we can best reflect your brand’s image via quality content!

Website content

Whatever the subject, we deliver engaging website copy that’s written with SEO & conversion firmly in mind.


Keep your blog updated with excellent posts. Packages include images and full integration with WordPress.

Ecommerce content

Product descriptions, reviews and category page content. We can format for quick and easy upload to most platforms.

Article writing

Informative, engaging articles written by subject matter experts.

Press release writing

Launching a new product or service? Raise your profile with copy that journalists will love.

Email writing service

Successful email marketing campaigns rely on clever, compelling copy. We can help.

Ghost Writers

We’ve assembled the biggest team of ghost writers in the UK…

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