Digital Public Relations

Digital Public Relations

Improve your brand’s visibility and influence customers with an online PR strategy.

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Online PR & Digital Marketing

Public Relations is a critical component to any digital marketing strategy and is a valuable business tool for brands across various verticals. Both digital marketing and online PR hold a wealth of opportunity, and the very best marketing experts use PR as a tool to accomplish their digital marketing objectives. Whether you’re considering PR consulting, or a complete digital PR strategy, it’s important to understand how this will play a role in fulfilling your brand’s unique needs.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a tactic used by brands to increase their online presence through building relationships with key content writers and online journalists to gain ‘press hits’, or citations, and high quality backlinks.

Digital PR, when done properly, increases a brand’s reach and visibility and in turn has a positive effect on search engine visibility through effective onsite SEO, driving increased referral traffic.

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What makes a good PR hit?

A good PR hit is a hit within a site that has a high domain authority and that includes a natural link to the brand’s site with relevant brand anchor text included. The key to a great PR hit is to make sure that the reader is directed to something he/ she is expecting to see.

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Digital Public Relations (DPR)

Digital Public Relations (DPR) is the use of digital and social technologies to manage the awareness and understanding, reputation and brand of a company or organisation, through the purposeful influence of exposure via digital media.

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Okay, so Digital Public Relations will use many of the typical digital marketing media in order to manage its reputation convincingly; again tools such as content marketing, permission marketing, and customer engagement are central to the public relations purpose.

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